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Slide Secure Robust Hosting
Architecture on AWS.
We build a high availability hosting architecture with multiple servers on AWS with optimized billing, helping you manage a complex billing system on AWS cloud hosting.

Slide Scalable & Secure Hosting on AWS You focus on getting more users for your app and let us manage your hosting architecture on AWS.

Slide Secure Solutions with Bastion & Firewall Our AWS hosting solutions are built with a private subnet only accessible via a bastion server that is protected with a firewall.

AWS Managed Hosting

Here are a few popular AWS services that we use to build & manage hosting architecture for our clients.

Slide Unique Smart & Flexible We are flexible according to the needs of the application and clients. We manage our elastic infrastructure that is set to keep the bills low and scale overnight to accommodate sudden surge of new users. 143 HAPPY CLIENTS 195 PROJECT PLANS 18 Large Applications
  • $ 25 One Time Setup Cost
    • Personal
    • We Think Ahead
      • EC2 Server for Codes
      • Database on RDS
      • SSL Security
      • Elastic IP
      • Free Tier Eligible
    • Business
    • Special Offer
      • EC2 for Codes
      • Database on RDS
      • Load Balancer on RDS
      • Load Balancer on EC2
      • S3 Bucket for Media
      • SSL Security
    • Enterprise
    • Our Best Solution
      • Everything of Business Package
      • Auto Scaling Group
      • Outstanding Support
      • Billing Optimization
      • Secure Private Subnet